Exploring Spirituality

Unanswered questions of identity, truth, and faith…

There comes a natural point in our spiritual journey where we begin to question long-held beliefs. Some get there early on, others not until they reach a mature age.

When confronted with unanswered questions, there are those who dig in their heels and become increasingly rigid, because the old faith system feels safer than venturing into the unknown.

They may fear losing their community… or maybe going to Hell if they get it wrong. This can be a time of great upheaval, where foundational questions challenge human nature, the identity of God, eternal destiny, or male and female roles.

Unpredictability can spawn new life…

Children want and need predictability and control. Whether it’s their cereal, outfit, or routine (“But we always go to the park on Mondays!”), they can have meltdowns if things don’t go their way.

But if one wants to mature and grow in faith…

Living with uncertainty, losing control, and not knowing the answer can give birth to true life.

Learning to live in the tension…

Change can leave one feeling unmoored, but it’s where the potential for increased love, joy, peace, and forgiveness is waiting.

Wanting answers but finding none, learning to live in the tension is very challenging… especially when the community values certainty and sameness while rejecting and shunning difference.

The faith journey is one of the most important aspects of our lives…

I truly believe that. It can either make us a better person…

… or it can entrench us more deeply in “us versus them,” hate, and fear.

It’s important to learn how NOT to just substitute one enemy for another. For example, if in the past a conservative hated liberal, it is then really easy to hate conservatives when becoming a liberal. Except nothing has really changed on the inside. The same hate resides within.

Better is to let your faith journey transform you into a different person altogether, but that often requires professional help.

Let’s explore your spiritual journey… together.

This is where I come in. I have the experience to help you identify and cope with the trials that you’re sure to face as you explore your own spirituality.

I offer acceptance, hope, and compassion, as you make your journey.

Don’t bow to consternation that can come as you venture into the unknown. Instead, meet the challenges head-on as your authentic self… and come into life with more joy, hope, and love.

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