What to Expect

Therapy is like pulling weeds out of the garden that is the beautiful you.

For the true you to be revealed, the weeds must go.

But this can be a painful process, and sometimes resistance sets in – because those weeds provided comfort to you, even as they destroyed you.

Comfort because they were your companions, and you felt abandoned by the other beautiful plants in the garden.

Comfort because they sheltered you from the harsh sun.

But the weeds stole your life by hindering your growth.

Weeds that would slowly choke out your life by weaving their roots around you, drinking the water before you could, taking the nourishment from the sun when you needed it. Some of the weeds were quite beautiful, and some even looked just like you, tricking you into thinking that they were friends.

Then one day, you became aware that your life was consumed by weeds but felt at a complete loss where to seek help.

Whom could you trust when the weeds had been your friends… until they destroyed you?

You took a chance, and, looking around, you saw the gardener ready to help. Worried though, you weren’t sure she was the right one or if you could trust her.

What was she like?

Was she going to harshly yank the weeds out?

Was she going to poison the weeds but leave you choking on them, too?

Was she kind or gentle, or had she ever been stuck in the weeds herself or just judged those who were?

So many questions swirled through your head. It was difficult to decide, especially when each day the weeds were taking more control.

Finally, in desperation you reached out to the gardener, took a chance, and this is what you learned…

Together, you identified the weeds and talked about the best way to eradicate them.

At first you only showed the gardener the smallest weeds, because it felt safer and you wanted to see if you could trust her.

Even though you knew they were bad, oddly you wanted her to be gentle with them and with you. They had been your friends and your companions, for a long time.

Gradually over time, as you saw that she could be trusted, you began to reveal some of the bigger ones and were bolder in finding ways to get rid of them.

A new hope was revealed.

When she shared that she had been where you are, it gave you hope that one day you could also overcome the weeds and live your own life.

It provided you with assurance that the final word did not come from the weeds but from your own strong voice. You could even imagine sharing your story with others to give them the same hope you had discovered.

You gained confidence as she showed you how to get rid of some of the weeds on your own. You felt powerful when she showed you how to identify weeds that disguised themselves as friends, so you could reject them before they took root.

Finally, you found comfort in knowing that if you ever needed help again, you had found a gentle gardener that would work with you and not judge you.

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