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The hungry wolf of negativity…

Most days you can keep it at bay with numbing busyness or self-medication.

But it continues to nip at your heels, never allowing a moment’s rest.

It gnaws at your joy and life’s purpose until you feel it all begin to bleed out in a slow death.

It doesn’t just affect us.

The negativity bleeds out to other people and things around us. And we feed on it, just to find some semblance of power.

Lashing out with hurtful and derogatory posts on social media.

Criticizing and complaining to a close friend about a mutual friend.

Finding minor fault with a service and writing a bad review.

But none of these ever soothe or bring peace to your soul.

Facing our enemy can be scary.

Focusing on negativity, while providing temporary relief, never addresses the real problem: your inner belief system born out of pain.

Pain from a toxic religion that put you as a second-class citizen. Pain of rejection by parents who were abusive or neglectful.

You become your own worst enemy, believing that:

“Your innermost self is broken and stained.”

“You don’t matter.”

“You don’t belong.”

“You’re worthless.”

Constant focus on negativity will permeate thoughts, feelings, attitudes and beliefs about yourself, others and the world.

There comes a time when you’ve got to turn and look this enemy in the eye and see it for what it is: a sham, a shadow, a vapor with no actual substance.

Defeat the enemy that holds you back.

Recognizing your innate goodness, beauty, and courage is the first step to shredding the lies the wolf has told you.

You have the strength, ability, and knowledge to slay the destroyer of your life. You are of infinite value, beauty, and worthiness.

A Masterpiece. Royalty. Beloved.

You belong – no matter what age, gender, race, ethnicity, and even if your faith system has told you otherwise.

Hi, I’m Judy.

I have deep empathy for your pain, because I have walked the destructive path of negativity based on faulty belief about myself, others, God, and faith.

Because I wanted to live a fuller life, I embarked on a journey to discover what that could be and want to share with you what I learned. I believe with my whole heart that:

You belong, even if you have been rejected by your faith community for being who you are or not believing as they do anymore.

You belong, even if your children are gone and your purpose with them.

You belong, even if you don’t know what that could possibly mean because you have moved too many times to count.

You are needed, valued and worthy of love. You are not forgotten.

Come find healing and solace.

Find strength to face your battles and win. Discover tools, strategies, habits, and hope to live your life again as it was meant to be lived.

Call me today and learn who you really are.

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